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Get to Know Me


Carrie Roseman.

That’s my name.

It took me a long time to realize the importance of saying my last name after my first when introducing myself. It was a process of realizing my own worth and that I wasn’t just Carrie; my last name was worth knowing, worth saying, worth remembering. I dared to be important in my own life and take a stand for myself. By treating myself with love and respect, I was teaching others how to treat me.

The evolution of daring to take up space and own it (make some noise!) is the personal growth liberty that I’m so excited to share with you. I had no idea when I forayed into photography 16+ years ago that being a mirror of self love would become my mission.

I am your cheerleader.

I am your champion.

But I cannot convince you that you are worth it. Only you can do that.

What I can do, however, is showcase your beauty back to you. In all of it’s fabulous glory. It’s your story. Lean into it.

As the self-love queen, Lizzo, once said, “I’m not trying to sell you me. I’m trying to sell you, you.”

Defeatists, naysayers, victims, and dream-squashers need not apply. Cuz there’s no limit to what we can achieve when self-belief rules the roost. I’m here to be the baddest bad ass I can be and to show you that you’ve got it in you to be one, too. OWN it. It’s yours to claim. What do you want it look like?


Seventeen years ago I said dueces to Connecticut and moved to NYC on a mission to change my life and find myself. I used the excuse of going back to school (FIT, an awesome art school) to do so. It was a guise that I knew may or may not work out, but hey, I’ve always been fairly risk averse and a fly-the-plane-as-you-build-it kind of girl.

Discovery: jewelry design was not for me. Pivot: be a fashion photographer - BUT - I had zero idea about how to network or make connections. Fast forward five years to me saying, “I’ll never move back to Connecticut and become a wedding photographer.” Never say never: I moved back to CT and became a wedding photographer. Five years ago, I said sayonara to shooting weddings to pursue portraits full time. Today: back to my photographic roots and loving every second of it, photographing awesome humans who both value their authenticity and dare to take up space.

Carrie then and now

From here to there:


Random Carrie Facts:


1. Salt over sugar always = obsessed with tortilla chips.

2. Cat mom to two little sibling Roo Boos named Rexer and Roxy.

3. In my forties and proud of it!

4. I love getting glammed up, but I’m #jeansgirl for life. And glamming up a jeans look is my jam

5. My fiancé’s hair is longer than mine

6. Personal growth is my highest value

7. Hugger status: ALWAYS ON

8. Obsessed with winged eyeliner

9. I make a competition worthy guac

10. I’m creating a life by design. On purpose. With purpose

11. People being good at their jobs turns me on

12. Which brings me to the concept of: if it’s worth doing, do it well

13. I f*%king HATE the word ‘unfortunately’ and its rampant misuse

14. Also, people who don’t claim responsibility. Probably the same people as above (see #13)

15. I don’t have kids and am not going to

16. I love the word ‘antithesis’

17. Having lived there for the last five years of my twenties, Brooklyn, NY will forever hold a special place in my heart (first Do or Die Bed Stuy
      then Fort Greene, baby!)

18. Only one in my immediate family who has tattoos. Yes, a lot of them.

19. Only one in my immediate family to be an entrepreneur

20. Creativity + emotional intelligence are a magical combo

21. Southeast CT is the only place I’ve been that has ever truly felt like home (thus far. I see you, Italy).

22. I learned photography by shooting all film formats and processing/printing my own b/w film in a wet darkroom. I went kicking and screaming to digital. Now, I shoot both

23. I waited tables and tended bar for 22 years of my working life, and I was very tied to that identity for a looooooong time

24. How I Met Your Mother might just be one of the greatest shows of all time

25. Also die hard SNL fan

26. I make up songs and sing them to my cats and fiancé on the regular

27. Typo queen on all tech devices because big thumbs, but I have MASSIVE respect for the English language and the typos kill me softly every time

28. I secretly wish I had any gift relating to music because I would really love to be a rock star

29. I was a bad ass softball player in high school and had a rocket arm from center field. An identity I was also tied to for a loooooong time

30. Creating personal boundaries is life

31. Confidence is attractive

32. Gratitude is the road to all good things and I strive to be in constant gratitude

33. Elevating my self awareness changed my life

34. I’m a natural brunette but have been rocking the auburn since I was 25. Sassy hair, don’t care!

35. I believe in the goodness of people

36. I support the LGTBQ community and Black Lives Matter!

37. I can’t wait to meet you!

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39. Have an awesome day!


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