Get ready to see your next-level self

“She showed me the next-level me. Carrie helped me present myself as my future self. The process - hair, makeup, putting clothes on, gave me the uplevel. it catapulted me into my future vision.”

Laura Wright

Get ready to see your
next-level self

Hello beautiful!
I’m Carrie Roseman

The premier portrait photographer for women on the rise

Maybe you’re here because you want new photos to represent your new business venture.

Or to celebrate your glorious body.

Or to mark a milestone moment.

The truth is, you’re on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

And, woman, you’re emerging: fierce, confident, and ready to take on the world.

You can’t trust just anyone to capture and showcase your brilliance.

You want the best:

High-end looks

That’s what you get when you choose Carrie Roseman Studios.

Flattering poses 

Magazine-style portraits



Carrie’s process was a
gateway to my next level

 I show up better because I take myself more seriously. I see myself clearer. The experience of doing the photoshoot was a gateway to feeling more powerful more often.

Blaze Schwaller

 Life Coach

It’s worth it. It's more than just the photos. I walked out of that shoot different in my business.

After 19 years as a professional portrait photographer, I’ve honed my craft and skills to become one of the best in the business.

They call me the Posemaster, because I make everyone look good in flattering poses. With the right pose and great lighting, I can even shave off up to 15 lbs (but seriously, we love all the curves here).

Fellow photographers learn my tricks inside my courses and mentorship programs. Visit Carrie Roseman Coaching.

Our 6-Step Celebrity Portrait Experience guarantees perfect portraits you’ll love. For many of our clients it’s the first time they’ve ever liked seeing a photo of themselves.

Our A+ Glam Squad, included with every portrait session, makes sure you look and feel good throughout your entire experience.

And definitely the best portrait photographer in Connecticut.

You're capturing your legacy,

and creating an heirloom out of the work of art that is           

You’re not just getting pictures.


Meet the Posemaster
& Professional Hypewoman

Carrie Roseman Studios?

And to create portraits so fabulous, you’ll hang them on your wall.


For you to see yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be seen


To develop the connection and the intimacy required to create soul-stirring portraits 


To create authentic, magazine-style photos that represent your next-level self


To make you feel comfortable and safe (and gorgeous!) - so you can open up and channel your transformation

Our goal at



I see a beautiful woman in my portraits, not someone trying to be a beautiful woman

I knew from our first phone call that I wanted to work with Carrie, because her response to the question ‘I'm a trans woman; would you still be willing to do a shoot with me?’ was ‘we photograph women, you're a woman, no problem at all.’ And it only got better from there. Carrie and her team did an amazing job of developing a look, making me feel comfortable, confident, and safe. 

 Carrie didn't capture the gorgeous woman I am; she set her free.

Lillian M

I cried my eyes out when I saw the photos for the first time.

Fun Facts

Hugger Status: Always ON

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2004 - I’m first and foremost an artist

I make competition-worthy guac

I’m creating a life by design. On purpose. With purpose.

I have a lot of plants. I like them and keep them alive.

Ketel One Vodka Dirty Martini? Yes, please.

Fave movie: anything by Tarantino

I learned photography and processing my own black & white film in a wet darkroom. I went kicking and screaming to digital. Now, I shoot, and love, both.

Married, with cats

Step out of the shadows and own your brilliance. We’ll create a portfolio of images to showcase your power & propel you to your next level of success

Brand Portraits for
7-Figure CEOs

Pinup, Hollywood Glam, or Editorial shoots for creative humans.

You dream it. We create it. You display it.

Premium Boudoir Portraits 

Step into the shadows for images that capture your natural, inner beauty (and your smokin’ hot bod). Your curves are begging to be seen. Do you dare?

Fine Art & Editorial Photography

I Want Next-Level Brand Portraits

Discover how photogenic
you really are when you
put yourself in front of the lens of an expert photographer
(that’s me, babe!)

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I Want Boudoir Portraits

I Want fine-art portraits

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