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Extraordinary Branding Portraits for 7-Figure CEOs

Next-level branding portraits for your
next-level business

I was going through an uplevel in my business. I didn't want photos of me today, I wanted photos of who I was becoming. I needed to express myself on a different level.

But, when you're reaching your next level, it's easy to self-sabotage. Carrie and her team helped me look powerful and fabulous and kept me in my highest-level self the entire time. The portraits capture that. I love them all (and I never like pictures of myself).

This portrait experience with Carrie - the physical experience of it - was transformative. During the shoot I stepped into my next level. It was magnificent.

Working with Carrie was magnificent
and captured my highest level

Laura Wright
Business & Sales Coach



Exquisite branding portraits to propel your business forward

Here at Carrie Roseman Studios, it’s our mission to help women and men celebrate their brilliance: wholeheartedly, shamelessly, gloriously. To help you take up space and be noisy in it.

That’s why we treat you like a celebrity throughout your portrait experience.

From creative planning and wardrobe, to photoshoot and photo reveal, you’ll feel like a badass VIP (because, guess what - you are!). The images we create together will capture this.

And, these aren’t just pictures of you for your website, social media, or marketing.

Our clients always tell us the photo shoot experience is transformative and helps them step into their next level of business.

Plus there’s an unexpected benefit.

Whenever your confidence falters (because, hell, we’re human!), you’ll look at your next-level portraits and immediately recall who you became during your photo shoot → a fierce badass who takes center stage and shines in her own beautiful light.

Are a Celebration

You, my dear,

These portraits capture who you’re becoming.

After we decide we’re a good fit for each other, we plan your shoot. We discuss how you want to show up in your photos and the story you want to tell.

We develop a creative plan for your custom photoshoot.

Creative Planning & Consultation

The Carrie Roseman
branding photography experience
is unlike any photoshoot you’ve had

Celebrity Portrait Experience

Step 1:

Pre-shoot, we help you choose the most flattering outfits and styling for your photoshoot day. We’ll select outfits for up to 5 looks.

Bring your own clothes or step into our glamorous closet, with fabulous luxe looks for every body.

Wardrobe & Styling

Step 2:

Makeup and hair artists will get you as glammed up as you want to be, and keep you primed throughout your shoot.

We use the sets and props at our studios in CT. Off-site shoots can be arranged anywhere in the world.

The Celebrity
Studio Experience

Step 3:

Posing is my superpower. I'll find your best angles and coach you into them: how to hold your head, shoulders, hands, everything down to your expression.

Don’t worry about not being photogenic - I got you!

Half-day Guided Photoshoot

Step 4:

We meet in person to reveal your images and help you choose the best ones for your dream collection. But heads-up - clients often love every photo!

We help you select the best photo package for your needs.

The Red Carpet Photo Premiere

Step 5:

Up to 4 weeks for professional retouching and processing. Plus 4 weeks for your printed products to arrive. Rush fees available.

We can create wall art, matted print collections, and editorial albums. Every portrait you purchase includes the digital file.

Signature Retouching & Production

Step 6:







The 6-Step

The Carrie Roseman
branding photography experience is unlike any photoshoot you’ve had



I chose to work with Carrie to get a number of personal branding photographs for my business website. And I am so glad I did! The entire experience of working with her team was extraordinary, fun, customer-focused and professionally executed.

I had high expectations given that my new business will depend on the first impressions evoked by the branding images.

My expectations were exceeded and even my website designer wanted to have Carrie’s reference for potential future use. You cannot go wrong with Carrie if you want an out-of-the-ordinary experience and outcome!

An extraordinary experience!
exceeded my expectation.

Stefanie Pluschkel
Leadership & Career Coaching

Your new branding portraits will propel your business to the next level

See yourself through Carrie’s lens 

You’ll change how you view yourself.

You’ll change how you show up in your business.

And with that energy, you’ll attract a higher caliber of clientele and business.

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 Portrait Pricing


The 6-Step Celebrity Experience


Creative Planning + Direction
Wardrobe + Styling
Professional Makeup + Hair
Guided Multi-Outfit Photoshoot
Reveal & Ordering Appointment
Signature Image Retouching & Production

$695 Session FEE

Image Retouching
Portrait Production 


Packages available from
$1500 - $4900+

editorial albums, MATTED PRINT FOLIO BOXES, and wall art are available to add on to digital collections. Wall art productions are quoted separately.

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The investment was scary. I questioned whether I deserved to have this quality of photos. Who am I to shell out a few thousand dollars on photos? Do I deserve it?

Then my mindset shifted and I thought about the next-level me who already has the photos on her website. Of course it's worth that investment. Who am I when I have these photos and people see me like that?

Not only can I use this for my business. I’ve captured myself at 42. I can pass this onto my daughter. This is a legacy experience. And holy shit do I love them.

The branding portraits are
so worth it.
I love them.

Blaze Schwaller
Life Coach



The great news is I’m the ultimate pose coach - it’s my super power. I’ll find your best angles and coach you into them. How to hold your head, shoulders, hands, everything down to your expression. No need to worry about your pose/body position - I got you!

Our Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair pros ensure you look good from head to toe.

Every human you see on this website is a “normal” person just like you who came in thinking they’re not photogenic. When you work with the expert team at Carrie Roseman Studios, you’ll look your absolute best.

I’m not at my goal weight. Should I delay my photoshoot?


Listen, I get it. You’re uncomfortable in your body. I know exactly what that’s like, having gone through the weight loss rollercoaster myself.

But you have to ask yourself: How long have you been avoiding the camera because the voices in your head tell you you’re not camera-ready? How much longer will you wait? Time to put your foot down and stand in your value, at this age, at this stage, at this weight.

You are beautiful just the way you are, and your weight is the least interesting thing about you. Besides, I can shave off 10-20lbs with a great pose and great lighting.

How much does it cost? Seems like quite an investment...


Your portraits will change how you view yourself. They change how you show up in your business and in your life. With that energy, you’ll be more confident, believe in your self-worth and attract high caliber clients.

The photo shoot session fee starts at $695+tax. It includes the 6-Step Celebrity Experience:
  • Creative Planning + Direction
  • Wardrobe Guidance + Styling
  • Professional Makeup + Hair
  • Guided Multi-Outfit Photoshoot
  • Photo Premier + Ordering Appointment
  • Signature Retouching on Purchased Images

Portrait clients spend on average $3200-$5K for their session and the photo products they desire. We offer first-class products including matted print collections, albums, and wall art (framed prints, canvases, etc), and each image selected gets its corresponding digital file.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) and cash. Payment plans are setup leading up to your session and financing is also available through Synchrony.

Can I buy just the digital images?


Our collection pricing includes digital images. Printed products and wall art are included in many collections and of course may be added on. For our printed products, each photograph you purchase includes the corresponding digital file. 

We believe in a printed legacy and that photographs are meant to be up on walls, in albums, and out for your enjoyment - this is very much our ‘why.’

You are a work of art. Treat yourself that way!

Where’s your studio? Can I book a shoot at a different location?


Photo shoots take place at our gorgeous photography studio in historic New London, Connecticut. Our studio is conveniently located on the gorgeous CT shoreline steps away from Mystic, Voted one of the Top 10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England. New London is easily accessible from Hartford, New Haven, and Providence, and is about 120 miles from both New York City and Boston.

In warmer months, we can shoot on location for an additional fee.

Out of state or country? No worries!

We can arrange travel and provide the Carrie Roseman Portrait Experience anywhere in the world.
Contact Us to Inquire

What kind of photography do you offer?


Our signature photography and portrait experiences:
  • Boudoir 
  • Fine Art 
  • Personal Branding

We also provide Maternity, Family, Couples and other photography for past clients or upon special request. Inquire Here

How do I book my portrait session? How far in advance should I book? 


Contact us at least 8 weeks in advance.

Bookings are confirmed by phone. We’ll chat to ensure we’re a good fit for each other.


After we discuss the options, we’ll schedule your Photo Shoot and Photo Premier Ordering Appointments. You will receive all of the information via email once your appointments are confirmed.

We book photo shoots on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Sessions are scheduled in the morning at 9am or early afternoon at 1pm.

How much time will I need?


The initial phone Consultation & booking reservation call is up to 30 minutes and typically occurs 4-6 weeks before the photo shoot day.

Photo shoots, including makeup, hair, and wardrobe, are up to 3 hours long.

The Red Carpet Photo Premier is typically 60-90 minutes and scheduled a few days after your photo shoot. Same day can be arranged for out-of-town clients.

What kind of portrait products and wall art do you produce?


We offer first-class products including digital image collections, matted print collections, albums, and wall art (framed prints, canvases, etc). Each image purchased includes the digital file.

We have exclusive relationships with several luxury, professional production studios to ensure heirloom quality for your gorgeous portraits.

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